Kris Kraut, CEC

Chef & lover of Sriracha

Kris is our chef and has over 15 years of culinary experience.  He is a father of two girls who also love to be in the kitchen. His wife, Gretchen, keeps him inspired, and pushes him to put more peanut butter and chocolate on the menu.

Judah May

Loves to put ingredients away

Judah has worked in our kitchen for almost 3 years. Judah is the guy that preps all the roasted vegetables, bakes the bread, and loves to introduce us to new music and memes. Judah enjoys Mexican food, and pretending that every birthday is his 21st.

KC Carr

Kitchen Geek

KC has been part of our team for over 6 years. He’s the wiz-kid of the wood smoker among other kitchen staples, and has every classic rock song memorized. KC’s Irish heritage, bright red beard and great smile make him a dude you’ll want to meet.

Adam Cundiff

The man that wears 100 hats

Adam has been part of the team for just over a year, and jumped right in doing every odd task the property demanded. One minute Adam is making a salad dressing, next grilling chicken, then washing dishes, and watering plants. He always finds a silver lining when the going-gets-tough and keeps our spirits up.

Brandon Blake

Instagram Legend

Brandon is a graduate of the Arts Institute of Indianapolis with a culinary arts degree. He’s the father of a baby boy and husband of a very talented baker. Brandon’s dark sense of humor, creative plating, and knife skills make him a vital part of the team.

Devan Gackle

Phone/Email/Event Guru

Devan was one of our first employees as an intern from Indiana State in Event Management. She keeps the orders coming in, answers emails, organizes The Red Barn, and helps us run shop. Devan enjoys country music, road trips, and reminding us how long it’s been since she’s had a day off.